About the Schweitzer Conferences

On 24th September 2016, in association with the Scientific & Medical Network, the Albert Schweitzer Institute (UK) will be hosting a conference at Cambridge University. This is the first of a series of annual conferences which will be held at different universities each year to raise awareness of Dr Schweitzer's life and thought.

The Schweitzer Institute university conferences will create a forum to stimulate high-quality research on issues relating to Dr Schweitzer's teachings and philosophy. The discourses will be published on the Institute's website as a resource for students and academics.

During the morning session, specialists will provide academic analyses of Dr Schweitzer's life and thought. In the afternoon session, more general talks and discussions will take place.


On registration at:
the Faculty of Divinity West Road,
Cambridge, CB3 9BS
Coffee and tea will be served.



Professor Christopher Rowland:
'Why Albert Schweitzer's writing is crucial for New Testament studies'


Dr James Carleton Paget:
'Why bother with Albert Schweitzer?'




Dr Toby Young:
'Mirroring the Human: Albert Schweitzer and Digital Creativity Networks'




Vreni Mark:
'Personal recollections of Dr Albert Schweitzer and life in his hospital at Lambaréné'


Percy Mark:
'Our need of the guiding principle of Reverence for Life'




Rt Hon Norman Baker:
'What can the government do to introduce a more compassionate approach to animal welfare?'


Video: the Schweitzer Institute in 2016, followed by an open discussion




Professor Christopher Rowland. In 1991, Dr Rowland was appointed Dean Ireland's Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture at the University of Oxford, a post that carries with it a fellowship at The Queen's College, Oxford. He was appointed Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral in 2005.

Dr James Carleton Paget was educated at Queens' College, Cambridge. In 1993 he became a Research Fellow at Peterhouse, and in 1995, a Lecturer in the New Testament at the University of Cambridge where he has been ever since. He has published on subjects related to New Testament, early church history, and ancient Judaism, as well as on Albert Schweitzer.

Dr Toby Young is a Lecturer in Music and Philosophy at Somerville College, Oxford. As a composer, Toby has won numerous competitions, including the Guardian/BBC Proms Young Composer of the Year (2006 & 2008), and has written for groups including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the choirs of King's College Cambridge and Westminster Abbey.

Percy and Vreni Mark worked with Dr. Schweitzer at Lambaréné in the early 60s. In 1963, Schweitzer blessed their engagement. Percy is Chairman of the charity Reverence for Life UK (RfLUK). Vreni was Directrice of Maison Schweitzer in Günsbach (1987-89), and she now spends much of her time working alongside Percy and RfLUK to realise the aim of making Schweitzer's ethical values and ideals accessible to all.

Rt Hon Norman Baker PC was Minister of State at the Home Office with responsibility for regulating the use of animals in science. Mr Baker will be addressing the conference on what steps the Government can take to introduce a more compassionate approach to animal welfare.

Tickets cost £10 each (which includes tea and coffee), or £15 with a vegetarian sandwich lunch.

To register visit:
The Schweitzer Insitute Conference 29016 tickets

or email: schweitzerinstitute@yahoo.co.uk



The teachings and philosophy of Albert Schweitzer encourage us to concern ourselves with the relation of humankind to all life - the earth and all its inhabitants. Dr. Schweitzer believed that each one of us could do a little to ameliorate suffering and misery in the world. He believed the "destiny of mankind is to become more and more humane."