The Ethics of Albert Schweitzer for the Twenty-First Century. Edited by Marvin Meyer and Kurt Bergel

Non-Fiction • Syracuse University Press •
350 pages

Marvin Meyer was Griset Professor of Bible and Christian Studies at Chapman University, and Director of the Chapman University Albert Schweitzer Institute.

Kurt Bergel was professor emeritus at Chapman University and founder and codirector of the Chapman University Albert Schweitzer Institute.

Albert Schweitzer’s system of ethics as a way of life in which individuals live in compassion and respect for all living things - humans, animals, and plants - or 'Reverence for Life' is illuminated here through a series of compelling essays by Schweitzer and renowned contemporary Schweitzer scholars from around the globe.



The teachings and philosophy of Albert Schweitzer encourage us to concern ourselves with the relation of humankind to all life - the earth and all its inhabitants. Dr. Schweitzer believed that each one of us could do a little to ameliorate suffering and misery in the world. He believed the "destiny of mankind is to become more and more humane."

Albert Schweitzer